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Suggested Title: "Is Plenty of Fish and Other Free Dating Sites Good for Picking Up Hot Girls?"

Suggested Title:
"The MySpace Pickup Line That Works Every Time!"

Suggested Title:
"The Twitter Tactic That Got Me LAID!"


Suggested Title: "The Psychology Behind Portraying MYSTERY... Think of Movie Previews..."

Suggested Title:
"The LAST Thing A Girl Wants To Hear About...!"

Suggested Title: "The 'Obama' Speech Tactic That Will Get You Laid..."

Suggested Title: "How This Economic Recession Can Help You Pick Up MORE Girls..."

Suggested Title: "Talking To BABES On The Phone..."

Suggested Title: "The Ultimate Text Messaging Tip For Picking Up Chicks..."

Suggested Title:"Send Her An MSN/AIM Instant Message That Will Make Her Panties Wet."

Suggested Title: "EASILY Grab Her Number Through AIM, MSN, or Any Instant Messaging Program."

Suggested Title:
"This Facebook Profile Picture Will Get You LAID!"

Suggested Title:
"3 Facebook/MySpace Profile MISTAKES That Scare Women Away!"

Suggested Title:
"3 Criticals Error When Talking To Women Online. You're Probably Doing One Of Them Right Now!"

Suggested Title:
"Can You Use The Infamous 'Poke' Button On Facebook To Pickup Chicks?"

Suggested Title: "Attention All Facebook And MySpace Users... Transform Your Computer Into a Seduction Machine!"


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