Autoresponder courses are the best way to obtain leads and keep in contact with your potential customers on a long-term basis.

The average "bounce rate" for website is about 90%. That means if a user lands on your website and doesn't like what he or she sees, they will leave within seconds of entering your website... and will most likely be gone forever!

By setting up an autoresponder course, you will imediately be able to capture their contact information. This is probably one of the best way of boosting your sales.

This is how it works...

1.) You setup an optin box or popup box offering the web viewer some sort of value. Usually, this takes for in a special weekly "newsletter" or mini e-course.

For example, if you go to my website, you will see that there's an optin box about a quarter of the way through the website. After about thirteen seconds, a popup box will appear asking the web viewer to enter their information.

2.) The web viewer enters their e-mail address and their first name.

3.) Through your autoresponder course or weekly newsletter, you can send your optin list articles and "free tips" with your affiliate link near the end.

Don't ignore to use autoresponder courses. Many internet marketers preach the popular saying, "The Money Is In The List."

Down the road, you will have the option to promote other products if you wish.

How To Setup Your Own Autoresponder List

First, you need to obtain autoresponder mailing list software. If you have a website, it is usually included with your webhosting package. However, we recommend using 3rd party software since their deliverability rate is higher.

I recommend using either GetResponse or AWeber.

Once you have your autoresponder optin box setup on your website, here is how we recommend you setup your autoresponder course...

1.) Use articles from our article section and setup your autoresponder course to send out messages ever 1-3 days.

2.) These messages should contain the articles, the lesson, or the newsletter. You should also sprinkle in various messages in between your lessons... these can contain other bonuses such as brandable PDF's or special offers. You can also remind your list about upcoming lessons in the future.

Remember... your goal is to sell products. Keep this in mind as you are setting up your autoresponder course.

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