Banner Advertisments

Banner advertisements should not be your sole method of driving sales. Unless you are driving a considerable amount of traffic to your website, banner advertisements should serve as a supplementary method of gaining sales.

If you are already using product reviews and articles, adding banners is a great way to increase your overall click-through rate.

Make sure these banners are in a location that is easily viewable on the website.

Use the following steps to install banners on your website.

1.) Click Here to open all the available banner ads.
2.) Right click on the banner ad you wish you include on your website and select "Save Image As."*
3.) Upload the image to your web server and place the banner advertisement on your website.
4.) Use an affiliate link to link the banner to our website.

Sample Banner


*Please note that some of the banners are actually two images. They are animated .gif's combined with .jpg files to save space.


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