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Currently, we have one high quality product for you to promote.

Unlike other vendors on ClickBank that have low-converting sales pages and offer little to no help to their affiliates at all, we adopt a much more thorough philosophy. We put as much effort into these products as possible so that you can achieve the success that you strive for.

Product #1: "The Online Game: Internet Attraction System"

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The Online Game: Internet Attraction System is the #1 rated online attraction system on ClickBank. You will be promoting a product that has proven to convert.

The sales letter for this page was written by famous copywriter, Kevin Rogers. He charges up to $12, 000 US for each letter he writes. You know when you promote this product that it will convert for you. On top of this, I offer 75% commission for each sale that you drive. That means you'll make $38.96 per sale.

This product teaches men how to effectively pickup and attract women on social networking websites (eg. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) and online dating websites.

I offer a trial structure for payment. That means I grant the customer complete access to my product for $4.95. After 21 days, they will be charged with the balance of $47 automatically. As an affiliate, you get commission on both the $4.95 processing fee and the $47 thereafter. This pricing structure has proven to convert the best.

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